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April 24th, 2012


Joel Zimmerman (otherwise known as deadmau5) is really doing EDM proud right now. After a sampling of some of the most brilliant and some most phoned in performances ever at this years Coachella, we can honestly say the mau5 was missed. Hearing the same 6-10 tracks on constant repeat in across the Empire Polo Fields only served to remind what we love about a good producer and showman, and that is giving the crowd something new and different – something unexpected. We returned to our beloved Bay Area with something of this very nature waiting for us… we returned on the eve of the first radio edit leak of deadmau5’s new track, ‘The Veldt’.

In a fresh take on production, Mr. Zimmerman lifted the curtain and allowed his rabid fans to peak in on him as he created the base track over a few weeks in March. All the starts and stops, curses and praises, frustration and elation were laid bare as he birthed what is sure to be a banger this summer and years to come.

They say that amateurs borrow and pros steal, this master work does just that – taking its inspiration and vocals from Ray Bradbury short story of the same name. We have to say we are very pleased and look forward to misty eyed nights with good friends singing this at the top of our lungs on dancefloors around the world. With addicting rifts, lilting piano, soul trembling beats and haunting vocals that tell a tell a story that you want to hear over and over, ‘The Veldt’ serves as solid proof as to why when we hear the mau5′s ‘Some Chords’ we know its on, and that deadmau5 “gets it”.

Here is the radio edit for your consideration. deadmau5 will officially unveil the accompanying EP of the same title on June 25th. Enjoy

Be sure to check out some of the Behind The Scenes magic of the track being created.

Even Chris Jones’ vocals were a stroke of shear serendipity, plucked from semi obscurity.

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